Thieves steal trucks, tools from Lowe’s parking lots

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis police are looking into at least two truck thefts from Lowe’s home improvement stores in Berclair and Cordova.

Construction worker Noah Kurtz said he didn’t think much of parking his white Chevy truck at Lowe’s on Summer Avenue this weekend while he went in to get some extra supplies. He told police he locked the truck and put the keys in his pocket.

But when he came back outside, he couldn’t believe it.

"We were only in the store 40 minutes. Thought we forgot where we parked it and really, just the truck was gone.”

Kurtz said he had thousands of dollars worth of Dewalt tools in the truck.

"A livelihood was in the back of that truck,” he said.

Paul Casoria knows where Kurtz is coming from. He runs his own contracting business, Alliance Restoration, and has also had his tools and trailer stolen from his own parking lot. He wasn't surprised to hear MPD was also investigating a truck theft from the parking lot of Lowe's on Germantown Parkway.

"We’ve had people take some of the heavy equipment we keep attached to the vehicles," he said. "They’re pretty determined to take them usually”

Kurtz said he learned a tough lesson: "I guess leave somebody at the truck is what you have to do.”

Lowe's corporate representatives responded regarding the incidents: "We are aware of both incidents, and are assisting the Memphis Police Department with their investigation. Please contact the Memphis police for additional information."

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