Suspects steal $6,000, 140 packs of cigs from North McLean store in two minutes

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MEMPHIS, Tenn.  — Two minutes. That's how long police said it took for a pair of crooks to break into a local store and steal more than $6,000.

The incident happened at the Mini Mart located at 643 North McLean Boulevard early Saturday morning.

According to police, the suspects pulled up to the store in a white Nissan Maxima. One man exited the vehicle and glanced through the window and door before running back to the vehicle to grab a brick.

Once they got into the store, they took the window frame off and seem to know exactly where to go - by the cigarettes and cash register.

"They scoped out the place. It was very professional. They were in and out within a minute and a half," employee Alaa Ahmad said.

Ahmad didn't want to show his face, but was the first to find the shattered glass when he came to work Saturday morning.

"I was surprised, especially with everybody knowing this business for so long. It was just shocking."

The video footage shows the men swiping cigarettes into a box. They then rip out the cash drawer and take money bags with it.

"They took a good amount of money," Ahmad said.

Altogether, everything taken was worth at least $7,000 - including $2,300 from the cash drawer, a deposit bag containing $1,852, two money bags containing a total of $2,100 and 140 packs of cigarettes.

This is the second break-in the store has had this year.

They put in extra ADT security sensors after the first one months ago, especially on the windows since that's how that criminal also came in.

"The alarm should've sounded off when they broke-in. It would've probably scared them, and they wouldn't have attempted to get inside," Ahmad said.

Employees think ADT should be liable fro the damage since the alarm didn't go off.

Fixing the window alone will be around $6,500.

As for the criminals, all police know is that they drove off in a white Nissan Maxima.

"The higher the crime, the worse image Memphis has. I just suggest that people get a job and do it the right way," Ahmad said.

If you have any information call crime stoppers at 528-CASH.

We reached out to ADT about whether or not they’ll step in to help out and figure out why this alarm didn’t go off.

They said it’ll take them a few days to investigate.

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