Nine shootings leave 4 dead in high crime weekend in Memphis

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Summer is just getting started and already first responders are already busy.

Over the weekend, they were rushing to shootings in neighborhoods around the city.

In total there were nine shootings that left 12 people shot and four people killed.

Michael Webster spends a lot of time along Park Avenue in Orange Mound. On Sunday, gunfire rang out not even one block from his job.

He says the violence left him on edge.

"You might be walking down the street and they might, 'boom boom,' just for the hell of it," Webster. "They started shooting the window. He got shot in the arm and went to the hospital."

The victim is expected to be okay.

But at Lamar and Trezevant, a man was shot and killed.

On Central Avenue at East Parkway, a man told police he was sitting at a red light when he felt something wet and warm and realized he'd been shot.

"That's crazy," Webster said. "People are just riding down the street shooting."

On Ketchum, in the Willow Oaks Apartments, one person died and two were hurt after shots rang out. Police say the group knew each other.

On Enterprise Avenue, a man told police he was just walking down the street when someone shot him and the teenager he was walking with.

"It scares me. That's why I go home. I don't just walk up and down the street," Webster said.

On Saturday, a woman was shot while driving her car on Danny Thomas and Madison.

"My son got shot, but he lived," Betty Isom, the South Memphis block party organizer, said.

Isom says she is trying to stop the violence.

For 21 years, she's thrown the South Memphis block party in hopes of curbing crime.

She's hoping that staying committed to the cause will eventually bring change.

This year during the block party, they will be releasing balloons for all the lives lost because of gun violence.

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