Clean-up efforts underway after severe storm hits Holly Springs, MS

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HOLLY SPRINGS, Miss. — The clean-up process begins in Holly Springs, MS after a powerful storm left a trail of destruction overnight.

Many trees are down and power is still out in some parts town.

"We were about ready to get in the closet in the inner bathroom. It was just horrific outside," Resident Melinda Skelton said.

"Just hearing branches crack and things hit the house was scary,"Resident Dawn Donnely explained.

Power crews were out all day Sunday hoping to restore what they could.

"We have MEMA here trying to make sure that we get everybody's house assessed," Mayor Kelvin Buck said as he walked around town.

Almost every street in town was covered with debris, leaving residents in shock.

"We couldn't imagine there was enough wind to knock down the size of the tree," Resident Ken Johnson said.

A huge tree in his backyard and broke his fence.

He has been living there for nearly 20 years.

"We can replace a fence, that's okay," Johnson said.

At least 12 homes had some sort of damage to them - mostly either to the front of their homes or right on top.

Although it all looks bad from the outside, residents say they're just blessed it wasn't a lot worse.

So far, there are no reported injuries.

Mayor Kelvin Buck says no shelter is open at the time, but the community center could be if needed.

He says he will request a declaration of disaster for Holly Springs in hopes of getting state and federal assistance and urges everyone to take pictures of damage to their property so it can be included in a request.

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