Online ticket sales for some of Memphis’ venues shut down due to “cyber incident”

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Online ticket sales for some of Memphis' biggest venues shut down.

That's because the website that places like Minglewood Hall, New Daisy and Beale Street Music Festival use was recently the target in a cyber incident.

If you go to Ticketfly's website, you'll see a statement claiming it was the target of a cyber incident and goes on to say, "Out of an abundance of caution, we have taken Ticketfly systems temporarily offline as we continue to look into the issue. We realize the gravity of this decsion, but the security of client and customer data is our top priority."

Meaning, it's not the best time to be a concert goer considering some big venues in Memphis use Ticketfly for online ticket sales like the New Daisy, Minglewood, The Bluff and Beale Street Music Fest.

WREG called them all for an interview or comment, but only Beale Street Music Fest sent a statement saying in part, “We’re waiting for an assessment from Ticketfly regarding the extent of the data breach and will have further comment once we know what has been affected.”

At this point, Ticketfly hasn’t said if any user info like credit card data was compromised.

"You don’t want to panic, but you do want to take some steps to protect your information. In this case we’re not sure what information has been hacked, what has been stolen," said Nancy Crawford with the Better Business Bureau

Crawford said if you have used Ticketfly, its best to be proactive.

"The first thing you want to do is contact credit card reporting agencies and put a freeze on your credit report," she said.

Other advice: consider putting a fraud alert on your credit reports. If you used a debit card, pay attention to your account, contact your bank for a new card.. and put a security block on your account.

Ticketfly also stated, "We are working tirelessly, and in coordination with leading third party forensic experts, to get our clients back up and running."

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