Live at 9: Changes at Memphis International, 3D Relationships & cooking with Omi Iyalaje

Airport: There’s a lot to be excited about

Memphis airport officials are firing back after a New York Times article highlights what it calls the airport’s deserted corridors. But Pace Cooper with the Airport Authority Board points out there’s a lot going on to get excited about.

Tips for those with asthma

Did you know that every day 10 people die from asthma? With the humidity of summer coming on, people with asthma in the Mid-South need to take extra precautions. Dr. Jay Lieberman has some advice.

3D Relationships

Are you allowing your relationships to keep you from your purpose? That's the central question of a new book called 3D Relationships by Dr Stacy Spencer, pastor of New Direction Christian Church in Hickory Hill.

Cooking with Omi Iyalaje

In the barbecue capital of the world, can you make a vegan barbecue sandwich? The creator of Green Goddess Gourmet vegan products says yes.

Omi Iyalaje shows us a sandwich that might have you rethinking your barbecue.