Bye Bye Raccoons: Critters removed from Hickory Hill home

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Hickory Hill home is now critter free thanks to some help from the local community.

On Tuesday, WREG’s Kristen Holloway talked with the owner, Karyln Shamley, who said a family of raccoons made themselves comfortable inside her Jardin Place home after climbing through a hole in her roof.

“The hole has been in my roof since last year, right before Christmas. I’d say in November I discovered it was leaking over there. It got worse in February,” she said.

She had asked for it to be repaired but that hasn’t happened.

At some point, raccoons found their way in and cuddled up in the tub.

“The raccoon is in the shower with the seven babies. It’s just sitting there looking like, ‘Yeah. This is my house now. You can leave,” Shamley said.

So she did, and the next day she bought a trap.

“As soon as we opened the front door, it’s like seven babies crawling on the banister. The mom is just sitting there staring at us, so we just drop the trap and got out of there.”

After speaking with WREG this week, Shamley said a kind man contacted her on Facebook saying he would remove the raccoons for free.

As for the massive hole, the landlord said he will patch it up this week.