Tuition could be free for some U of M students

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The University of Memphis already accepts the Folds of Honor Scholarship, which gives $5,000 a year to help pay for education. But soon, the school could start matching that gift and making tuition free of charge.

According to its website, the scholarship is available to students who had a parent die in the line of duty or lose a limb.

Current students believe this will help the University's enrollment and will also provide comfort for families who made sacrifices.

The University says there are still details to be worked out.

They still need to decide on a possible cap on how many students will be admitted and if it will only be for Tennessee residents.

Students say its opportunities like this that make them proud to be a Tiger.

"I feel like they do a really good job at meeting people where they are and whatever educational path they're on. I think this is a really good example of that," a student said.

This addition comes after the University's announcement of no tuition increase next year.