Raleigh residents want potholes fixed: “I’ve already had two tires replaced”

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Potholes are causing major headaches for drivers and hurting their wallets even more.

People in one Raleigh neighborhood say they've contacted the city several times, but once the pot holes are patched up those same pot holes are open back up.

Homeowners on Hoover Road say they are tired of driving through rough roads everyday.

"Between dodging the holes in the road you're dodging the limbs," one resident said.

That's what residents say they have to do in order to avoid any problems.

"We're told it will be three or five years. I've already had two tires replaced, and the further down you go the roads get worst," a resident said.

Barbara Kelly has been living in the neighborhood for over 40 years.

She says she and other residents have contacted those who could fix the problem several times. "To me it's unbalanced. They ought to think this is a quiet and peaceful neighborhood. A lot of people don't even know we're back here."

They say that just may be it.

Since the homes are near the end of where the road ends, it may not seem like a heavy traffic area.

But they would like to have smooth road to eliminate having to spend money and to be able to enjoy driving in and out of their neighborhood.

Residents say workers came out about two months ago to fill in some gabbed spots, but since then it's only gotten worse.