Rapid gunfire from person in car caught on camera, downtown business hit by bullets

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MEMPHIS, Tenn.-- Caught on camera, bullets flying, hitting a downtown Memphis business.

The alarming video caught on surveillance cameras at that business at the corner of fourth and Georgia, not far from FedEx Forum, close to homes and churches.

On the video you can hear more than a dozen shots, echoing in a neighborhood sitting in the shadows of Memphis staples like FedEx Forum.

It appears the bullets coming from the silver car are for whoever is inside the white vehicle, hitting the business in the background.

There are bullet holes in the building are still there, the person who sent WREG the alarming video of the gunfire reached out to us after he had seen our multiple stories this week about the violence across our community.

"I mean it shocked the crap out of me, to be honest, I did not expect to find that on the video," said Rick Krug.

Krug's business, ER 2, Electronic Responsible Recyclers, is the place that took the hit earlier this month.

He first noticed a broken window when he showed up to work on the day, then he looked at surveillance video.

"Started looking at the building found we had 13 bullet holes in the building."

He is thankful no one walking in the area was hit.

"But if you look down the street, we're a half mile down the street from Beale and that just shouldn't be happening in this part of town," he explained.

It's happening other places too.

We told you earlier this week about a home in north Memphis hit by bullets 22 times over the last few years.

Another woman in Orange Mound is afraid to leave her home after the constant gunfire. She showed us the bullet holes in her home too.

"You shooting at this person, but you're missing this person, hitting this person house, it's like you're terrorizing communities," said Jimmy Chambers.

Chambers is an investigator with the Shelby County DA's office Gang Unit and also runs camp chambers...where he works to get kids who have been in trouble on the right path. He works with their parents too. He says a lot of these shootings involve young men.

"I feel like if people terrorizing the community that means you're a terrorist and you need to be dealt with accordingly," he said.

On the other side, those who are living in these places where the crime is happening, Chambers says do what you can to help law enforcement.

"All these cell phones, you videotape everything else, start videotaping whats going on in your neighborhood. If you see something out of line, stick that phone up to the window you don't have to be outside."

Meanwhile, Krug looks to the motto on the side of his business, where the words, "Be Responsible" are painted in large blue letters.

"If we could just get our community to be responsible and take pride in Memphis and not do the stupid things that people do with guns and violence and dumping trash and that kind of stuff it's just, we don't need it here," he said.

We talked to police who said they don't have any record of a report on the case.

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