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New Oakshire principal has faced charges before

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A school administrator with prior charges in his background has been hired as the principal of Oakshire Elementary, Shelby County Schools confirmed.

WREG was first to tell you about the Shelby County School District hiring Tavius Woods, who was hired at Oakshire Elementary after TBI recommended he shouldn't be.

Now some parents are worried it's happening again at the same school.

Terence Bobo  was suspended as assistant principal of Whitehaven High School in 2012 after he was arrested on charges of drunken driving, reckless driving and having an open container of Hennessy in the car.

He pleaded guilty to reckless driving, though the DUI charges were dropped.

"I received a call from Shelby County Schools stating that effective as of next school year he'll be the principal of Oakshire Elementary," parent Valencia Brown said.

"I was speechless, because he got arrested for sexual exploitation while I was in school. Now they're putting him with the babies."

Bobo was charged in 2009 with sexual exploitation of a minor, tampering with evidence and failure to properly report an incident while he was an assistant principal at Melrose High School. Those charges have since been dropped.

At the time, he was accused of confiscating a student cell phone with a recording of students having sex then downloading the video onto a computer instead of properly reporting the incident.

Records show Bobo was also charged with assault in the nineties.

He told the Board of Education he was defending his brother who was getting beat up.

Those charges were also dropped.

"That's too much, because you're an adult trying to set a good example for kids. That shouldn't have even occurred," Brown said.

She says she wants her daughter's educators to be held to higher standards while being taught at such a young and impressionable age.

"I just think it's sad. Shelby County Schools need to do better."

SCS released a statement on Bobo's hire at Oakshire:

"At SCS, we conduct background checks on any person responsible for the education and well-being of our children. We have had instances where members of our staff faced serious charges, but they, like all of us are entitled to due process. If they are found not guilty of the crime or the charges are dropped, then we believe they should be afforded the same opportunities extended to any other innocent person."

WREG has gone to Bobo's house three times to get his side of the story.

The woman who answered said he wasn't home, and she'd pass along any information.

Valencia Brown said she's considering transferring her daughter, but says it's too much of a hassle.

Instead she's looking to start a petition to reverse his hiring.

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