Mom arrested for serving alcohol after sexual assault at graduation party

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TIPTON COUNTY, Tenn. – A trip to jail proved to be the ultimate party pooper for one Tipton County mom accused hosting a booze-filled graduation party at her home near Munford last weekend.

Deputies say people who attended the party on the 2400 block of Marshall Road told them that 41-year-old Dana Fowler had provided them with alcohol. They also said marijuana was being smoked in the house.

“The witnesses that we’ve spoke to have all been under the age of 21 at least,” said Deputy Chief Shannon Beasley with the Tipton County Sheriff’s Office.

Beasley said deputies found out about the party on Monday after one of the guests said they had been sexually assaulted there.

The sheriff’s office wouldn’t say whether the assault involved adults or minors, and said no charges have been filed in that case as deputies continue to investigate.

They did, however, arrest Fowler Friday and charged her with contributing to the delinquency of a minor. It’s a misdemeanor Beasley said could get her up to almost one year behind bars if she’s convicted.

“She’s not only allowing them to drink, they’re now allowing them to leave and operate their vehicle, endangering their lives and anyone else’s life that’s on the road with them,” he said.

Even worse, the road outside Fowler’s house is narrow, winding and miles from any town.

None of the neighbors WREG spoke with said they saw the party for themselves, but WREG has learned Fowler has a son who graduated high school Friday night.

Beasley said the sheriff’s office is still trying to determine how many people attended. He said they could potentially face charges as well.

“We’re not ruling out any further charges on anybody that may have been drinking the alcohol,” he said.

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