Residents push for peace amid ongoing violence

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis residents push for peace after police responded to two shootings Friday morning at two separate locations across the city.

A man found lying on Atlantic Street at Henry Avenue after being shot. It's a grim reminder of just how common gun violence seems to be becoming.

Police say he was heading to a store in Highland Heights with friends when he was shot. A teenager now detained in connection with the crime.

Mario Denton traded in recording albums to instead rally for peace in his city.

"When I think about the violence in the city. That is what made me put my music to the side to step up for these babies," Denton said.

He started the positive leadership organization to reflect that mission.

"We are just trying to get the word out. We just need for people to put the guns down," Denton said.

Police are also investigating a possible drive-by shooting. Denton said what the city needs more of is unity.

"we all have to stand up as one," Denton said.

After that drive by a man was found lying on Orleans Street in South Memphis. He`s expected to be ok.

Denton said from South Memphis to North Memphis and everywhere in between the only way to really cut the crime is to provide guidance for youth.

"It all starts at home people say it's the city officials fault but it`s not their fault," Denton said.

"They are not making us pick up these guns or use them we are doing this on our own."

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