Live at 9: Sheryl Underwood, Lee Harris & the High School Musical Theatre Awards

Your Voice, Your Vote

Senator Lee Harris has been serving the Memphis community in Washington, but now he wants to return home to be the next Shelby County mayor.

At the top of his agenda is a big goal: to lift 50,000 Shelby County residents out of poverty.

High School Musical Theatre Awards

This week in Memphis it's all about the teenage actors. The High School Musical Theatre Awards recognizes the best in Mid-South theatre both in the spotlight and behind the scenes.

Riley Young took home the award for lead actor in "James and the Giant Peach" at Hernando High School, and Amelia Beckham won lead actress in "Thoroughly Modern Millie" at Evangelical Christian School.

'Gone Viral'

An organization dedicated to helping young people build better lives premiered its latest movie in Memphis this week. The movie shows how quickly one post can damage lives.

"Gone Viral" was the latest such project by Heal the Hood and its founder, Ladell Beamon.

Comedian Sheryl Underwood

They used to call James Brown "the hardest working man in show business" but even he would have trouble keeping up with Sheryl Underwood. She co-hosts CBS's Emmy winning daily talk show "The Talk", has burned up the airways on radio shows from Tom Joyner's to Steve Harvey, and shared the big screen with the likes of Queen Latifah.

But even with all that she still makes time for stand up at comedy clubs like Chuckles Comedy House in Cordova, where she's doing five shows this weekend.