New allegations put hearing on hold for two accused in fraudulent car deal case

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Geno White stood quietly searching for his name on the electronic board before court Thursday morning.

He also didn't have much to say when WREG tried to speak with him and his attorney Jada Brisentine.

As WREG approached to request an interview, Brisentine said, "Could you give me a moment to speak privately with my client?"

WREG responded. "Sure, absolutely. Will you be able to talk to us after you all are done?"

White replied, "I don`t know." After waiting, White nor his attorney spoke with WREG.

White, and Lamonte Gray are facing several charges including theft and forgery related to supposed shady car deals.

Gray didn't even show his face, at least, where a WREG camera could see it.

WREG asked Gray's attorney Mark Mesler, "Is your client here today?"

Mesler replied, "He is."

"Would he like to speak with us," asked WREG?

"I don`t think he would. I think he`s specifically not wanting to talk to you today and I would advise him not to talk to you, given the pending litigation," said Mesler who did agree to speak with WREG.

The response wasn't a surprise. Gray's run from our cameras not once but twice recently.

The WREG Investigators have covered complaints about Gray for years and the accusations outlined in court records for this case are the same.

The alleged victims say they bought cars from Gray, but weren't aware the vehicles didn't have clean titles.

Gray and White, who aren't licensed car dealers by the way, are also accused of issuing bogus drive out tags.

However, Mesler says he has new information, presented at a preliminary hearing, that tells a different story.

"I was able to show the state proof that my clients` former owner of the business, who`s now deceased unfortunately, had received those two vehicles that are at issue, from an auction website, and received clear title to those vehicles the very same day."

With that said, Mesler wants the cases against Gray dismissed.

However, there's another problem.

WREG asked, "Are you aware that there have been additional complaints since this happened?"

Mesler said, "I was made aware of that both by you and by the state of Tennessee."

WREG continued, "Is that part of the reason, that the case has been re-set?

Mesler responded, "That`s the reason everything`s on hold."

Earlier this month, NewsChannel 3 exposed those new complaints.

Carlis Stanton is one of the people who says she recently bought a car through White and Gray, and experienced the same problems.

Stanton's story took another twist after she says she bought the car from a location on Pleasant View in Memphis, but was later directed to a dealership in West Memphis, Arkansas, Nationwide Auto Dealers, to obtain a title.

It's there she says she dealt with a man named Andrew Collins.

Collins and Gray were fined $90,000 by state regulators in Tennessee in October of 2017 for acting as unlicensed dealers.

Stanton said during her interview with WREG, "How can you be facing criminal charges and out here doing the same thing?"

After speaking with legal aid and WREG, Stanton and others took their complaints to police, and prosecutors, which is why Thursday's hearing didn't happen, and Gray and White could be facing more trouble.

As for the new complaints Mesler told WREG, "

"Anytime somebody’s frustrated or feels like they’ve been wronged, that’s terrible, but not having those facts in front of me, not having any specific allegations in front of me, I can’t give you specific answers."

He reiterated, though, he's hopeful, given the latest evidence, that the current cases against his client will be dismissed.

The next court date for White and Gray is May 30th.

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