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Orange Mound woman says crime is too bad in her neighborhood

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Orange Mound residents are frustrated with the crime in their neighborhood. Some say the gunfire is hitting too close to home.

"I just thank God I wasn't killed in my own house, because I could have been killed right at home," resident Fannie Warr said.

Warr says he was on the couch in her bedroom reading when a bullet came flying through he wall.

"When the shots rang out and hit my window it scared me so bad. I just went back on my couch."

She got down quickly but wonders what could have happened?

She's not the only one still reeling from the rapid gunfire.

"I'm wondering what is going on out there. Has a war started, and I haven't been informed about it?" a neighbor asked.

These residents say the gunmen hit more than a few homes on Goodwyn.

"My house wasn't the only house they hit. They hit the house next door and across the street," Warr said.

Police say dozens of shots rang out and investigators are still trying to find the suspects.

"They shouldn't have to put up with people going down the road shooting at each other," landlord Charles Moore said.

Moore says he wants to get to the root of the issue.

"What can we do to stop this gang violence and restore the peace residents once knew?"

You can call Crime Stoppers (901)-528-CASH if you have any tips on the suspects.

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