East Memphis school surprises child by fulfilling ‘Make-A-Wish’ dream

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A 10-year-old from Walnut, Mississippi received a huge gift and surprise on Monday at Christ the King Lutheran School in East Memphis.

The students there decided they wanted to make someone’s 'Make-A-Wish' dream come true and were matched with Weston after months of fundraising.

“We sold candles, we’ve sold popcorn, we’ve done every little thing that we can to help raise the money," said Ann Laury, head of the school.

They started raising money in September and reached their goal of $5,000.

Weston, 10, walked down the hallway at Christ the King Lutheran School Monday afternoon with posters and signs welcoming him through.

He came to the school thinking he was part of a basketball shoot-out tournament.

Little did he know, a much bigger prize was awaiting him.

Weston beamed as a gymnasium full of people chanted his name cheering him on.

A group called “the Dunk Doctors” put on a show with their jumps and tricks.

They then incorporated Weston, a basketball fanatic, into their routine.

Other students joined in and after more smiles and laughs, school administrators announced Weston won the tournament since he stuck it out the longest.

But this game didn’t end with a trophy.

“Your wish is granted," students announced with signs.

Weston’s been part of the St. Jude Make-A-Wish program since undergoing a kidney transplant.

His dad was the donor.

He and the rest of his family stood by him as Weston received his “Make-A-Wish” dream.

“We’re going to send you on a trip to Disney World," announced everyone at once in the gymnasium.

A present leading to more heartwarming moments.

“I think my favorite part was being able to stand up there, just can’t help but smiling," said 7th grader Emma Brown.

The joy of helping others was obvious to spot on the students who helped make this happen.

“I’m just really happy for him and I hope he has a great time at Disneyworld," said 8th grader Lana Pearson.

“The only thing we’re gaining out of it is the happiness of helping somebody else and that is worth a lot," said Laury.

Weston, too shy to speak on camera, didn’t have to say anything to show his appreciation. The smile said it all.

Their week-long trip is planned at the end of June where they'll go to Disney World, Universal Studios and SeaWorld.

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