Over 700 students and faculty involved in making end of year music video

Tara Oaks Elementary

COLLIERVILLE, Tenn. — Over 700 students and faculty members were involved in making an end of year music video at Tara Oaks Elementary.

Tara Oaks teacher Tambe Howlett said that for the past three years the school has produced an end of year video.

This year’s video was inspired by the popular movie The Greatest Showman.

Howlett said that this year they challenged themselves to do a one-take, which is a video that does not stop.

Fourth-grade teacher Neal Asbury was the video producer for this year’s video. Howlett said Asbury spent a few weeks with a clipboard and the song to figure out the timing and path of the video.

Classes and clubs were given individual assignments based on where they were during the song. One person even got involved by helping record the final scene with a drone.

“Special thanks to all teachers and students who also contributed greatly to this success,” Howlett said.

Principal Tricia Marshall was supportive and even participated in the video.