Bright Spot: Local senior goes above and beyond to help others achieve success

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Landon Johnson’s senior year has been busy. He’s been applying to colleges and deciding where he’ll continue his education.

“I currently have $2.7 million in scholarship offers from the schools I’ve been accepted to.”

He applied for and received competitive scholarships from SMU, Rhodes and Missouri. The scholarship to Missouri is a full ride and is only awarded to one freshman a year.

When he was 15, Landon started focusing on scoring a 33 on the ACT. On his first attempt he scored a 30. He spent hours and months studying, and as they say third time was the charm.

He scored a 33.

That’s when he decided to help other students score big on the test.

“I hold free ACT classes before the big ACT tests.”

In 2016 Landon partnered with the Shelby County library to tutor other teens. To date, he’s tutored over 100 students helping them improve their ACT scores.

“It’s not enough to just notice the problems, you have to be a part of the solution.”

Landon said the problem in Memphis is a disparity in wages and education. His solution is to help more students here further their education.

“The state of Tennessee has the lottery scholarship which provides money for anybody that can score at least a 21 but the average act score in Memphis is 17.”

Landon has a tremendous support system.

“My family invests a lot in me, a lot of time just doing things for me.”

“I hope that my story inspires people to use their free time to invest in their city in a way that is best suited to them,” he added.

Landon has decided he’ll attend New York university to study computer science and he’s expecting big things to happen for him in the Big Apple.

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