Residents at senior apartments say they’re suffering with no air conditioning

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The mercury is rising, along with frustration at Luther Towers.

Residents at the apartments off South Highland near the University of Memphis say their air conditioning is not working, and that's cause for concern because many disabled and elderly people live there.

Luther Towers is a 13-floor, 196-unit independent living community designed for seniors.

Now Code Enforcement is telling the building's owners to get it fixed by Thursday.

On Tuesday, some of the people living at the complex were able to open their windows to try and cool their units off. People say they're basically getting the runaround and need help.

"They keep telling us different stories. They tell us they're waiting for a part and then they tell us that corporate has to approve it to be turned on," explained resident Sarah Thorne.

Thorne, sick of not having air conditioning for the past week or so, also says sweltering temperatures are getting to her, too.

"I live on the 11th floor and heat rises, and it's so bad."

So bad she was sitting outside Tuesday, along with others looking for relief, at a place home to many disabled and elderly.

"There is very sick people here," she said.

One of those people is Latoya Luckett's mother.

"My mother, she's on oxygen like she's terminally ill," explained Luckett.

Luckett was at the complex helping her mom. She too, wanted answers, but says she's not getting any.

WREG called to see what we could find out.

A receptionist said to call back in an hour because a manager was on their lunch break.

After 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, WREG went to the complex's office. A woman in the office said she could not comment but did say the air conditioning was in the process of being fixed. She could not say when.

Code Enforcement issued a notice to property manager to get the air conditioning problem fixed by Thursday. They said they will visit the complex around 3 p.m. Thursday to make sure the building is in compliance.

The building's owners are in Richmond Heights, Ohio,

Luther Towers not the only complex is town having AC problems.

WREG told you Monday about two other complexes in Fox Meadows and downtown where tenants complained about no air.

Luckett says she's heard the excuse of not having the right part to fix the AC.

"That's not an excuse. If everyone is paying their rent on time why can't they be comfortable? "

WREG found out if your apartment was rented with air conditioning and it stopped working then it's a code violation.

City leaders say you can call 311 for help.

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