Family says bullying pushed 8-year-old to consider suicide

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DESOTO COUNTY, Miss. — A Desoto County family says bullying is ruining their 8-year-old loved one's life — and even brought him to a desperate point.

DeSoto County Schools claims it's been working to stop bullying before it's too late — but the 8-year-old's family isn't buying it.

"It has taken my son having a detailed plan to take his life to make something happen," said the mother, who is hiding her identity.

Her son is now getting help after telling counselors at Shadow Oaks Elementary he planned to commit suicide because of bullying.

"At 8 years old, these kids shouldn't even know that word, they shouldn't know what that means, they should not be being pushed to this point."

The mother claims her son has been picked on since starting second grade —taunted with words — and hit by classmates to the point he felt life wasn't worth living.

She says her son kept telling teachers about the bullying and in February mentioned thoughts of taking his life for the first time.

Two days ago, he made it clear he was no longer just thinking about it.

DeSoto County Schools vowed to emphasize anti-bullying measures, and they believe they have made strides in the last two months.

They sent us a statement saying they now have a button on their website to report bullying and say resource officers are on campuses for prevention and investigations.

For this mother, it's not enough. She thinks if teachers and the district would have listened to her son on the front end, he wouldn't be suffering.

"You can call this number you can click this button or this link. What good has that done me?"

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