Local community prays for peace on National Day of Prayer

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HOLLY SPRINGS, Miss. — On the National Day of Prayer the White House says President Trump signed an executive order to create an intuitive on faith and opportunity.

It will produce recommendations on administration policies affecting faith based and community programs.

The president says it will also ensure those organizations have equal access to government funding.

Across the Mid-South, community and law enforcement officials are coming together in prayer.

Ministers Will and Patricia Merriweather say the key to solving crime and corruption in Holly Springs, MS starts at the alter, and if people won't come to church they'll bring the word to the streets.

"Our theme this year is unity, and through unity we can have peace," Patricia said. "Holly Springs is a real city with real problems, but there is a real God."

The ministers encourage people to put the guns down and fight with faith.

'The church can be avenue for getting out the things they are involved in,"

"We can be close to the police and not be fearful, because we are working together,"

Police Chief Dwight Harris says he's even got his officer in the habit of turning to prayer.

"Prayer changes things. A lot of things have changed in this city, and it is all because of prayer."

Chief Harris says they hold bible studies weekly, and that's how he got linked up with the Merriweather's.

"The push for prayers brought together leaders from all faiths in the city."

"The church has to unite and put aside any divisions that the world might try to push on us. We have to unit on a common goal," Kyle Flowers, with the Heritage Apostolic Church.

They are on a mission to reduce crime and bring peace in the place they call home.

During today's event, leaders prayed for seven centers of influence- including, the government, military, media, arts, business, education, church and family.

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