Live at 9: Collierville’s Main Street, Watercooler Wednesday & summer boredom

Collierville in the running for best Main Street

Collierville’s Town Square is once again in the national limelight. Back in 2014, both Parade magazine and the White House honored Collierville.

Now the area is in the quarterfinals to be named America’s Best Main Street.

Main Street Collierville

Prematurity and eye health

New research shows babies born prematurely need more frequent eye exams even into adulthood. Doctor Glen Steele with the Southern College of Optometry and can tell us more about what parents need to know.

Watercooler Wednesday

It’s Watercooler Wednesday and this week our panels tackles all the trending topics from prom season, Kanye West’s comments and the new Oreo flavors.

Parents, let your kids be bored

Summer is right around the corner and that means fun times. But don’t plan every detail.

Memphis Parent magazine explains why you should allow your kids to be bored this summer.