Does It Work: The Veggie Wedgie

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Christian Heyser is a group instructor and personal trainer at the KROC Center. She knows the importance of good nutrition.

"Nutrition fuels your mood. How much you`re able to do, how well you sleep," she said. "If you're healthy, you're able to help out more people and you feel good while you`re doing it."

That is why the Veggie Wedgie caught her eye. She hopes it's as convenient as it claims and can make creating healthy snacks fun.

It has stainless steel blades and is dishwasher safe.

"It definitely doesn't feel like its flimsy or anything like that."

First up on our chopping block: zucchini.

Heyser prepped the zucchini by trimming each end then cut it in half. She then fed it into the Veggie Wedgie cylinder.

Perfect zucchini wedges in seconds.

Next up, a hard carrot. Once again she prepped the ends, cut it in half and placed the carrot into the cylinder. It took a little extra pressure to push through but the results were worth it.

"I have a much cleaner cut then what I would`ve had if I would have done this with a knife."

Now what about a soft tomato?

"Whooo. That looks good."

Once again, tomato wedges in seconds.

"It's easy. Absolutely convenient. It's one push. It's one move. You can't mess it up."

Veggie Wedgie, you passed the Does It Work test.