Panola County woman says relative raped her in front of her daughter

PANOLA COUNTY, Miss. — A Sardis, Mississippi woman is living a nightmare after a family member allegedly raped her, while holding her and her children hostage. A quick warning before you read further: her account is graphic.

She doesn't want to be identified, but tells us it happened late at night a couple of weeks ago.

She says her relative, Marcus Oliver, burst into her house and demanded to use her phone. She says she gave it to him, but he wanted more.

"He started rubbing on me and saying, I want some p**** and I'm going to get it from you. I said nah you ain`t going to get it from me, and he was like okay then I'm going to kill you and your f****** kids. He pulled a gun out on me and my 2-year-old daughter and 5-year-old son," she says.

She says he started raping her right in front of her daughter, who cried and begged him to stop.

"He said, 'F*** you little b****. Shut up,' He told me make that baby be quiet, if not, he was going to kill her," she says.

She says it went on for hours until she was finally able to get her phone out of his pants and text multiple family members, including her mom who called 911.

She says she grabbed her kids and ran outside half naked when Panola County Sheriff's deputies got to the home and arrested Oliver.

"I'm just glad he's locked up and not out here in the free world, because he deserves to be where he's at now," she says.

Now, she's trying to recover from something that's turned her life upside down.

Oliver is currently in jail with his bond set at $50,000.

He's charged with sexual battery and is due in court later this month.