Community fed up with violence on crime-ridden street

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — WREG is working to learn more on the condition of a man who was shot in the Medical District Tuesday night, but we discovered this is far from the first shooting that happened on the street.

Blue police lights are often followed by yellow crime scene tape. Those we talked to off Dunlap are tired of it.

"It's just, it's just sad," a neighbor said.

That was the familiar sight at the corner of Dunlap and Mosby after offices say a man was shot.

So far, they haven't released who he is or a possible motive.

Deacon Williams says when it comes to crime on the street, "The people don't even belong over here that come over here."

Williams says he's affiliated with Greater Calvary Baptist Church. The church is right at the intersection of Tuesday night's shooting.

"We're trying to get this neighborhood back together," he said.

Wednesday afternoon he was out watching, trying to do what he can to prevent another problem.

"Maybe I can walk this whole neighborhood," Williams said.

He says officers do what they can do too.

"Police ride every day and patrol here," but the problems persist.

We did a quick search in our records and discovered a handful of shootings, carjackings and shots fired off Dunlap in the last few months. Granted, it's a long street stretching from the Medical District to North Memphis.

One of those shot was 12-year-old Nazim Houston. He was shot in the leg.

We talked to him back in November 2017.

"I was shocked, but I wasn't," he said.

That's what Williams is working to prevent, young people from going down the wrong path or worse.

"Us older guys that have been in trouble with law have to get out here, talk to the young folks, throw picnics for the young folks and let them know that they're still part of society," he said.

He believes there's still hope for the neighborhood.