Arkansas DOT adds a little humor to send clear message

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — You might get a chuckle if you drive along any interstates in the state of Arkansas.

“Now we’re having a little fun with the message boards.”

That’s because the Arkansas Department of Transportation is taking a page out of other DOT units and adding a little comedy to its message boards.

“We’re trying a couple messages that a lot of other state DOT’s have had a lot of success with.”

No, there isn’t a room full of comedy writers at the ARDOT tower in southwest Little Rock. Danny Straessle freely admits they are stealing their material.

Oklahoma has signs saying “oh say can you see, when you’re looking at your phone?” Wisconsin drivers got advice like “trust the force, but always buckle up” and “drive now, catch Pokemon later.”

ARDOT is just getting in on the joke after posting “Don’t drive distracted…Squirrel” last Friday.

“Distracted driving is at an all time high, so it was a very very good message,” said Straessle.

And the ARDOT jokesters have dozens of other lines ready to roll out with similar messages – all with a message to be careful on our interstates.