Raleigh man fed up with crime after an attempted house robbery

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Raleigh man says neighbors watched as he was taken away in an ambulance then tried to break into his home.

Even in distress, Creed Stepney says he knew being hauled away with sirens blaring would give bad guys the green light.

"I kept telling the guy in the ambulance I don't need to go to the hospital, they are going to go in my stuff," Stepney said. "It's a shame I can't go to dialysis without worrying about my home, where I lay my head."

Stepney's most recent trip to the hospital led to arm surgery. He's got heart problems, high blood pressure and must go to dialysis each week.

He says anytime he's not home he worries.

"They can come in and take anything I got," Stepney said.

He says someone tried to break-in Tuesday, thinking he was still at the hospital.

"I heard someone kicking at my door. I got up, ran in the kitchen and got a butcher knife because I don't have protection," Stepney said.

He says whoever tried to get in even broke a window.

Stepney’s fed up.  He says his apartment at Keystone Landing has been broken into twice in five months.

And don't get him started on the stray bullets, he claims have almost taken him out.

"When these guys start shooting they don't care where the bullets go," Stepney said.

He says shots nearly hit him in the head on one occasion.

The complex is trying to curb the crime. They've now hired security and started a curfew but Stepney wants more done.

"The resident manager said she was going to do something about it and she hasn't done anything about it," Stepney said.

WREG was confronted by the manager.

The manager wouldn't answer any questions and kicked WREG off the property.

Stepney says he's ready to leave.

"I need to move bad. I want out of here," Stepney said.

Stepney says he's been living at the complex for six years and says he feels stuck because he is having a hard time finding a new place because of long HUD waiting lists at other places.

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