Live at 9: Public transport, ‘After the Dust Clears’ & cooking with Lisa Gwatney

Public transport in Memphis

City leaders could help low-income Memphians’ find jobs if they can agree to recommend a plan for public transit.
Before that happens, the organization designing the improvements, Innovative Memphis, want your input on its ideas.

Author Chat: ‘After the Dust Clears’

You have probably heard the saying “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger” and that’s exactly the message Zina and El Henry are sharing in their new book “After the Dust Clears”. It’s their true story of a marriage made stronger by infidelity.

Cooking with Lisa Gwatney

Summer is just right around the corner and that means you can bust out the grill. If you need any tips l Look no further than Lisa Gwatney, who just won the top prize at the World Food Championships.