Collierville teen attacked by group of boys in church parking lot

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COLLIERVILLE, Tenn. — A father is outraged after his teen son was jumped by a group of boys in a church parking lot after school.

The 16-year-old was beaten so badly, he ended up at the hospital.

Even worse, the boy and his father tell WREG other kids stood around and watched the attack, recording the entire thing on their cell phones.

"All I could do was block my head and that’s all they were hitting – just kicking my head repeatedly," said Levi Ross.

It happened after school Friday in the Collierville First Baptist Church parking lot, where many high school students park because there's not enough room on campus.

"I was walking to the church when I saw them pulling all their Jeeps behind my car," Levi said.

He said at least four other boys he knows from school – and used to be friends with – blocked his car in and threw him to the ground.

"And then they all just started kicking me and I couldn’t see anything," Levi said. "Just kept kicking me repeatedly."

A video posted to Snapchat shows the tail end of the attack as other kids stand around recording while Ross lies on the ground covering his head.

"It was a complete beatdown," said his father, Jeremy Ross.

That kind of violence is exactly what Jeremy Ross said he moved his family to Collierville to avoid.

"That’s not what you expect here in the suburbs," he said. You expect that in the bad parts of town."

He wants to see those teens expelled from school and slapped with criminal charges.

"For children to attack one child – four of them – that’s just violence," Ross said. "That’s not just a couple kids out on the playground fighting, that’s attacking to seriously hurt someone."

His son agrees, and admits he’s a little scared to go back to school Monday.

"They shouldn’t be able to do this and get away with it," Levi said.

On top of the emotional scars Levi will have to live with, his dad tells WREG he’s now facing a $6,000 dollar medical bill for the ambulance trip and CAT scans.

Collierville police say they’ve identified some of the suspects and are working to figure out who the other teens are.

They wouldn’t say yet if the teens will face any charges.

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