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Family of man slain at Whitehaven apartment looks for answers

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Clutching the program from her husband's funeral, Alvin Powell's wife holds their memories together close.

"He had so much more life to live. ... He was the world's greatest dad and son and brother and my best friend." family members said.

Whoever killed the 41-year-old father of five is still out there, walking the streets.

This tight-knit family says they have no idea why the hardworking father, who always had a smile to share, was targeted.

Powell was gunned down April 15, sitting inside a vehicle at a Whitehaven apartment complex.

The middle of the day, on a Sunday, at a place he didn't usually visit.

"He didn't go there which leads us to believe he was lured."

Another bizarre twist — even if Powell did go to the Whitehaven complex voluntarily, his wife says nothing was taken from him, he still had his wallet and other belongings.

Witnesses only told detectives they saw a man in a black hoodie running from the vehicle where he took his final breaths.

Powell's heartbroken sister says having so few details makes the pain even worse.

"Nobody should have to go through what we're going through now."

The family now working to gather funds to offer a reward for information about who is responsible.

"If anyone saw him on Sunday or what was he doing up until that point?"

They looking for any shred of information.

"'Cause sometimes just a little bit of information go a long way."

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