Parents meet over closure of Herenton run charter schools

MEMPHIS, Tenn. —Concerned parents spoke out during a meeting Wednesday addressing the closing of two charter school that are run my former Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton.

The fate of more than 300 students is up in the air.

Parents thought the schools would stay open one more year, but now they're just left with questions.

"I'm really kind of upset about the school closing. My kids have been attending Du Bois ever since the school opened in 2013," parent Shaletha Bynum said.

Bynum has an 11th grader at DuBois High Schools of Art and Technology in Whitehaven.

The charter school is closing in June alone with DuBois High School of Leadership and Public Policy in Southeast Memphis.

"For them to have to have to start all over during their senior year somewhere else is really frustrating for them and me as well," Bynum said.

Former Memphis Mayor Dr. Willie Herenton says the reason for the closure is they can't recruit enough good teachers.

"They have no loyalty to a particular location. If another location will pay them they will go to that particular school. We experienced the inability to attract and keep qualified teachers," Herenton said.

So what's next for parents and students?

During the meeting they were told students will be assigned to Shelby County Schools closest to their homes.

If parents decide to send the child to another charter school, they can select the school of their choice.