Does It Work: Bavarian Edge Kitchen Knife Sharpener

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Steve Conley loves to cook. What's the most essential item in his kitchen?

"A sharp knife is essential. As a matter of fact, people cut themselves a lot of times on dull knives and not a sharp knife."

Conley uses a Japanese sushi knife to slice and dice his vegetables.

"It's great when it's sharp because it's very thin, but it dulls up pretty. It's dull now. It's dull."

And when you're dealing with a dull knife, it can really butcher your tomatoes instead of dicing them.

"It's just aggravating," he said. "And you're like 'Really, it won't cut a tomato?'"

That's why he wanted to put the Bavarian Edge Kitchen Knife Sharpener to the test.

Conley placed his dull Japanese sushi knife between the spring action sharpeners and angled the knife down for coarse sharpening. The instructions then said to angle the knife up for fine sharpening.

He grabbed a tomato and his newly sharpened knife and tested it out.

"A little bit better." he said. "I wouldn't say it's razor sharp."

Conley then grabbed an orange bell pepper.

"It's a little better."

In the product commercial, they showed a chef throwing a tomato on a recently sharpened knife and slicing a whole pineapple in half. Well of course we tried that too.

Conley switched knives and used a classic American chef knife. Pulled it through the Bavarian Edge sharpener just like in the commercial and then gave it a try.

We finally got it on our third try.

As for the pineapple, Conley switched to a bigger chef knife.

"Alright. Whoa! Oh my goodness!"

It truly sliced a whole pineapple in half. We'll give it points for that, but if you're looking to turn your old dull knives into razor sharp knives it didn't stand up to the test.

"It was OK, it sharpened it some but not like where you can just go through a tomato like butter," said Conley.

Bavarian Edge Kitchen Knife Sharpener, you failed the Does It Work test.