Police: Video of Waffle House arrest doesn’t tell entire story

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SARALAND, Al. — A viral video showing police bringing a woman to the ground inside an Alabama Waffle House over the weekend doesn’t tell the entire story, police and corporate executives for the company told CBS News.

The video shows Chikesia Clemons being arrested on Sunday. She and her companion, Canita Adams, claimed the ordeal started when they asked a cashier about being charged for plastic utensils. When they said they had previously not had to pay the 50 cents, their order was canceled, and they asked for contact information for the Waffle House district manager.

Police were eventually called to the scene.

The video begins with the 25-year-old sitting in a chair as another woman screams “she didn’t do nothing.” The officer is seen trying to get her hands to arrest her. The video then jumps to when officers take Clemons to the ground.

During the incident her top was pulled down, revealing her chest, while three police officers attempted to arrest her.

In a statement to CBS News, both corporate executives and the local police department defended the officers’ actions.

“After reviewing our security video of the incident and eye witness accounts, police intervention was appropriate,” a Waffle House spokesperson said.

Another spokesperson with the Sarahland Police Department said they received a call about a woman who was causing trouble and appeared drunk. She had also reportedly brought alcohol into the business.

Witnesses also said when police arrived, Clemons implied she had a gun and might shoot people.

After investigating the incident, the department said they will not be taking action against the officers involved.

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