City working to clear debris left on east Memphis curbs

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MEMPHIS, Tenn.--An East Memphis neighborhood rejoicing tonight after debris has finally been removed...thanks to WREG.

People who live off Dunn Road said they have been dealing with the mess for months but couldn't get anyone to pick it up until we got involved.

Friday afternoon images sent to WREG show city of Memphis trucks picking up branches bundled on the sidewalk.

Rewind a few hours back and Mechelle Harrison explains the problem.

" The issue is that. That debris," said Harrison pointing to a large pile of branches in front of her home.

Harrison, not the only one.

"It's here, it's there it's all up and down the street," she explained.

We counted at least nine homes with yard waste piles off Dunn, a busy road off Getwell.

"It's been out there since February," she explained.

She went the 311 route, said she even talked to a supervisor but no luck. After waiting for months she turned to us.

"It's awful. It's bad when you try to keep your yard clean."

Her neighbor Lynda Williams feels the same. She has a pile outside her home too. She says she too has called 311.

"It's just disgusting. This is a nice neighborhood we got great neighbors everybody gets along with everybody except curb appeal. We have no curb appeal," said Williams.

Harrison says a debris truck used to come by often to pick up the piles but she doesn't see it anymore.

She says she understands there are a lot of issues the city has to deal with but having clean neighborhoods helps keep Memphians morale.

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