Does It Work: The Touch-Up Paint Pen

MEMPHIS, Tenn. —Springtime is underway which means home improvement projects are in full swing. Jon Belleau, owner of Belleau Sky Home Repairs, gets all sorts of calls from homeowners.

"Building fences, recently have built some custom center islands. Painting, sheet rock."

But when he can, Belleau also likes to teach people about easy steps they can do instead of calling an expert.In the end, he says it saves homeowners time and a little extra money. That is why the Touch-Up Paint Pen caught his eye.

"They can save the money and still have the pride, maybe, in doing the work themselves."

Our order came with five paint pens and syringes. The concept looked simple.

According to the instruction all you have to do is "draw paint from your bucket with the provided syringe. Fill the paint pens reservoir. Snap the brush tip onto the brush barrel and load your brush with paint using a twist of the pen."

Just like the commercial, Belleau used the syringe that was provided to draw in the paint, then squirted it into the paint pen. Next, he snapped the brush tip into the pen's barrel and twisted it until he could see the paint drip out from the brush.

"This is the side I park on and honestly, these are all from me," he said.

He tends to leave marks on the wall when he opens his car door while parked in the garage.

We started off with a dark scuff mark.

"Because it`s such a dark [spot] I`m gonna need a little more paint on it."

Pretty impressive.

Belleau then moved on to a few smaller marks.

"What I'm finding is it takes a very delicate touch."

He applied a second coat to the first dark scuff mark we worked on.

"I believe once that dries, you probably won't even see it."

You can use it to touch up baseboards and trim around the house too.

It's "cost effective," Belleau said. "That was five minutes of your time to take paint you already have at home."

Touch-Up Paint Pen, you passed the Does It Work test.