Mark Giannini arrested again after alleged sexual relationship with minor

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A former Shelby County businessman is once again in trouble with the law.

Mark Giannini was booked into the county jail on aggravated statutory rape charges overnight after the Shelby County Sheriff's Office received an anonymous tip that he was involved in a relationship with a 17-year-old girl.

Deputies were able to track her down at which time she agreed to an interview.

The victim stated she met Giannini on the social dating site Seeking Arrangements sometime last year and began having sex. The two reportedly had relations at his home on multiple occasions and exchanged nude photos.

He even supplied her with alcohol and gave her the access code to his home because he loved her.

During one such encounter at his home, Giannini reportedly asked for a threesome. The minor said she ultimately refused because the other woman was "leaking milk" after having just given birth.

Even more shocking, the girl told deputies the last time they spoke Giannini told her he had another woman at his home. She said she was upset with him, but would be okay as long as he didn't take her or any other woman into their "special room".

She also said she feared for her and her family's safety.

This is not the first time Giannini has been in trouble with the law.

In September, Giannini received a four-year sentence, including two years credit for time served, after entering a guilty plea to a felony drug charge.

He was also granted probation and given a fine.

He was also charged in two separate rape cases that are both still awaiting trial. He was acquitted in a third.

In September he was released on his own recognizance after reportedly attempting to bribe and coerce a witness. Those are felony charges.

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