Cemetery mix up leaves mother thinking taking legal action

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A grieving mother says she is considering taking legal action after discovering her son may have been cremated by the funeral home.

Regina Searsessel says she brought flowers here for Easter kneeled and spent time in the place she thought her son was laid to rest she found peace visiting him but now she's not even sure her son was ever buried there.

"I had a funeral for my son. I paid for a casket a concrete vault I paid for flowers," Searsessel said.

Regina Searsessel has all the receipts.

Her son Muwani Dewberry was the last Memphis murder of 2016 and this mom brought in the new year laying her son to rest or so she thought.

"I don't know if it's my son or someone else because I got proof stating he was cremated. I got proof I paid for a burial so which one is it?" Searsessel said.

Dewberry was supposed to be buried. This family says they saw the casket at the cemetery but were told to leave before it was lowered into the ground.

"You are supposed to see your loved one go into the ground see dirt poured on top of them," Searsessel said.

Now his murder trial may have uncovered a major mix up.

"Why does he have a cremation form in his file if he hasn't been cremated. I didn't approve that so it drew a red flag to me," Searsessel said.

This mother says on Thursday she was given this paperwork that shows he was cremated and the funeral home signed off on it.

"I didn't pay anything for a cremation it's zero nothing it's nothing in that spot," Searsessel said.

She says it's not what she paid for and that's a problem.

"If he got cremated where is his ashes," Searsessel said.

WREG reached out to the funeral home they tell us they are trying to figure out what happened. The family says they are getting an attorney.

They say it's not about the money spent it's the peace they've now lost in the process of trying heal, grieve, and move forward.

When WREG asked who was buried in the plot cemetery officials asked us to leave. WREG will continue to look into this and try and get this family answers.

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