Tuberculosis case confirmed on Ole Miss campus

OXFORD, Miss. — Approximately 500 people at the University of Mississippi will be tested after the state received confirmation of an active tuberculosis case on campus.

According to the Mississippi Department of Health, those who may have come into contact with the student will be contacted by letter with information on how to proceed.

Jacob Himmelreich woke up Monday morning to an email letting him know he may have been exposed to tuberculosis.

"It's probably just a good idea to get tested," he said.

TB is a bacterial disease.

According to the CDC website, "The bacteria usually attacks the lungs, but can attack any part of the body such as the kidney, spine and brain."

Those who come into contact with TB can develop an infection, which is not contagious and has no symptoms. However, it can develop into an active TB case over time.

Symptoms of an active TB case include fever, weight loss, night sweats and cough.

"It's terrifying on campus, because you're in contact with so many students," Ole Miss student Payton Farmer said.

In a statement school officials say,  “The university has followed processes and protocols of the Mississippi State Department of Health for dealing with active TB including the time frame in which notification occurred and testing will be conducted. “

The state health department will perform those screenings.

"With the evolution of medical science, I don't think it will evolve in anything serious," Ole Miss student Grayson Wolf said.

As for Himmelreich, he says his old high school had a scare like this, so, once again, he’ll be back in the doctors office.

"It's not too painful. It's a small needle that's put it in your wrist," he said.

Campus officials say if you didn't get an email about a screening then you're not at risk.

But you can still get tested if you'd like by going to the campus health center.

State officials hope to have those tests done within the next week, but said they'll likely have to do another round of testing in a couple months.