The man with the sign travels the country spreading message

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Call it a sign of the times.

A man who is getting a lot of national attention is in Memphis, and he's got something to say.

Gale McCray calls himself the old man with a sign.

He's travelling the country with a proactive sign that he holds at busy intersections.

Thursday, he was on Germantown Parkway in Cordova, and he wasn't at the MLK50 events.

The sign reads, "Trump. That boy don't act right."

McCray says he's trying to engage people in a way they're not used to.

"In smaller towns, I've seen young people that say they've never had anybody do anything like what I do," McCray said. "You get middle fingers, you get cussed, you get nice things and you get a thumbs up. It's about the same."

McCray, who lives in Fort Worth, TX, says his next stop is Washington, D. C.