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Family wants answers after a young mother is killed in North Memphis drive-by

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Memphis Police Department is searching for a killer after a young mother was gunned down in a drive-by in North Memphis last week.

28-year-old Kiara Holmes is no stranger to Lane Grocery store.

She walked there daily to grab a coke.

But instead of getting the drink from the store, she was left for dead on the pavement.

The woman who found Holmes outside the store after she had been shot says she recognized her right away.

"When I got here she was laying in front of the store. She never made it in the store and had a dollar in her hand," the woman said.

She says she begged Holmes to hang on.

"I said, 'You have babies. You have to stay here for the babies," she said.

The woman says the gunshots that ended Holmes' life and left a hole in this windshield of a car, were too loud to ignore. That's why she's sure someone knows something,

"I heard a loud boom. It was loud enough that you had to actually take cover," she said.

Though cameras were in clear sight, police have yet to catch the killer.

"Someone lost their life, and someone took a life. Either way it goes it's a no win situation. Her mom is going to grieve, because her daughter is gone," the woman said.

The victim's loved one's say they want answers.

"All we want is justice. If anyone knows anything or has any idea please come forward," family friend, Monica Williams said.

They also want the gun violence to stop.

"At the end of it. It's a no win situation,"

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