Memphis man reportedly arrested after meth disguised as Mexican candy discovered in trunk

BIRMINGHAM, Al. — A Memphis man is waking up in prison Thursday morning after allegedly being caught with more than 80 pounds of methamphetamine disguised as Mexican candy.

James Fields was reportedly driving erratically down Interstate 59 near Rock Mountain Lakes when he was pulled over by a Jefferson County law enforcement officer.

It's unclear what led officers to become suspicious, but they were eventually given permission to search Fields' car for drugs. That's when they discovered dozens of bags of what appeared to be candy. However, on closer inspection, officers noticed it wasn't candy at all.

It was meth.

WREG went to the address listed for Fields, but no one was home.

It looks like no one has been at the residence in a while.

Neighborhood watch board member Julie Wilkins says there's no chance Fields will bring his business to their neighborhood.

"We've got four of the blue lights right now, and they're monitored by the police department," Wilkins said.

She says she was appalled to hear about the Field's passing off meth as candy.

Fields is charged with trafficking meth.

His bond is set at $200,000.

In all, Fields reportedly had an estimated $1.5 million worth of illegal drugs in the trunk of his car, reported.

He was charged with drug trafficking and was given a $200,000 bond.