Dog dies in front of 10-year-old owner after being shot

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ROBINSONVILLE, Miss. – A 10-year-old boy had to watch his beloved dog die last Friday after the dog was shot in a field near his Robinsonville home.

“The boy heard a gunshot and ran to get his mother and when he came back the dog had come and collapsed in the grass,” said Sandy Williams of the Tunica Humane Society.

The dog, named Blackie, had been playing in the field near Meadow Lake Circle West around 5 p.m. He held onto life for at least 15 minutes before succumbing to his injury.

“He was gasping for breath. It wasn’t a pleasant thing to witness,” said Williams.

Doors down, Stanley Jones – a dog owner himself – wonders who might have shot Blackie.

“I think I would have shot at the dog and made him go home or something, but I’m a dog lover. Some people just aren’t dog lovers,” said Jones.

Jones said Blackie would frequently roam the neighborhood and was never shy about approaching people.

But he said Blackie wasn’t exactly aggressive.

“He didn’t have teeth hanging out like, ‘Grrrr, I’m gonna get you’ or something,” said Jones.

No one has come forward to take responsibility for shooting Blackie, prompting the Tunica Humane Society to offer a $300 reward for that person’s name.

“It’s a family pet, you know. It’s like one part of the family. It would be like a small kid being shot,” said neighbor Robert Rogers.

Williams advises pet owners to keep their pets within eyesight out of caution.

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