Woman dragged by car while trying to break up fight

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A Memphis woman is still in the hospital fighting for her life days after being dragged by a car across several lawns.

Sherry Wilkins said her mother has a broken hip, pelvis and leg after the incident on Easter Sunday.

Police said it started around 3 p.m. on East Frank Street in South Memphis when Denisha Sims showed up at the victim's home to fight her boyfriend, who happens to be the victim's son.

"The girl, she basically trespassing. She came over here," said Wilkins. 

Wilkins said when her mother tried to break up the fight, Sims got into her white Infiniti and ran over Wilkins' mother, dragging her from yard to yard and even hitting a parked car.

"Ran in two people’s yard. Ran in her yard, and ran in somebody else’s yard," said Debra Davis, who said she saw the victim being loaded onto a stretcher. 

"If you will run over someone, physically run someone over like that and then your boyfriend’s mother at that? It’s never that deep," said Wilkins. 

Police found Sims and her car miles away at her grandmother's house later that day.

Asked about what her granddaughter is accused of, Sims' grandmother said, "She didn’t get a chance to tell me ‘cause they came and they picked her up.” 

Sims was charged with aggravated assault and leaving the scene of an accident, but after posting a $15,000 bond Monday, she was released from jail. 

"She’s a threat to society. She’s reckless and she doesn’t deserve to be out here with normal people," said Wilkins. 

This isn't Sims' first brush with the law. Court records show she was arrested in February after officers found her in a car parked on Beale Street with what appeared to be marijuana.

That case is still pending.

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