Pass It On: A pastor receives a gift

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Jasmine Parnell is the pastor of Fresh Manna Ministries just off Crump Boulevard in Memphis.

She and her husband have fed, clothed and provided a place to sleep for many who have hit hard times.

They minister from a small church building that now has a problem.

Patrice Berry is the play maker.

"The lady I want to help today is not only my pastor, but she is a friend and a wonderful spiritual mentor for me and my babies. She's always giving, but she's never receiving," Berry said.

Berry says the ceiling on the small church recently caved in.

"I could see it in her eyes. She never complains about anything that is going on, but I could tell that it was kind of bothering her," Berry said.

This church needs some help.

We are passing on $300 from News Channel 3 and an additional $300 from our anonymous donor in Nesbit, MS for a total of $600.

Berry was so excited, she started before the photographer and I arrived.

"We came in one Sunday and the roof had just came down. The ceiling just fell down, because of all the rain we've had," Pastor Parnell said.

Our play maker pulled out the money and passed on $600.

Pastor Parnell has a heart for the people around her and this money will help her serve others.

"We're not rich, but God blesses us and keeps us going. We want to pass the blessing along to the people. I'm rich in heavenly ways, so I get it back all the time you know," she said.

It's a small gift for the pastor, but it will be multiplied many times over in helping the less fortunate.

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