West Memphis teen missing for the 5th time

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MEMPHIS, TN - A mother fears for the worst after her daughter goes missing for the fifth time.

The mother Linda Murray says she has no idea why this keeps happening.

"I have no idea why she keeps leaving. No idea. We have been trying to find out what's going on two years now. We can't find out," Murray said.

February 14th was the last time Jamiria Murray was seen. She was supposed to be in class at the alternative school, which is housed on the high school campus.

Linda Murray went to pick her up as she had done every day, Jamiria was gone.

"I don't know which way she went. They say she walked across the street. Nobody knows which way she went," says Murray.  "They should have at least called the police when she walked off. They know she is bi-polar and had personality disorders and they didn't do anything, just let her left."

WREG reported the teen missing last March. She had walked away from West Junior High School. Students said she left with a man.

She was found a couple of weeks after our story aired, after being missing for almost a month. She was spotted at Bellevue and South Parkway.

Jamiria never told who she was with or how she had been living. Now her mom fears she is back with the same people.

"Nine times out of 10 she is with a man. My point is I don't know who this man is and it's gotta be an older man," Murray said.

Jamiria's mother says the teen is on medication and has mental issues. She can't understand why the alternative school, which has security, allowed her to leave the building.

"Notify me when she leaves school. They could have done something. They know she has counselors coming to the school two times a week and she is seeing a psychiatrist. They already know what's going on with this child. "

We called the alternative school today to find out about their security procedures, but no one called us back.

Police say they have put out a be-on-the-lookout alert for Jamiria Murray and have her listed in their system, but they consider her a habitual run away.

This mom, who doesn't know where to turn, hopes it's not too late.

"I keep telling her she is gonna get in the wrong car and something is gonna happen. That is my biggest worry, where is she," says Murray.

Linda Murray has also been in court, fighting to get help with her daughter.

If you have seen Jamiria Murray, call West Memphis Police.

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