Southwest Memphis residents relieved after city repairs overflowing drain

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — After taking their issues to the city some Southwest Memphis residents say they're relieved to see their drainage problems are taken care of.

Niles McDowell says it's hard to miss the problem that seems to grow each time the rain falls.

"They shouldn't have to go through this. They can't even drive into the parking lot without going into a pond," McDowell said. "This has been going on for more than a year."

McDowell works at the feed store closest to the Peeble Street puddle caused by drainage issues.

He says customer won't have to splash by anymore.

After WREG left the city pulled up and fixed the problem, but Rick Allen says the flooding use to swallow up his shop.

"It's inconvenient, and it's dangerous. We have a lot of wrecks out here," Allen said. "I've seen it get so deep that it will run into the shop."

That was bad news for anyone who was hoping to wait at the bus stop nearby.

"Wait until we get about three inches and then come out here and take a picture," Allen said. "There will be water from the red light to where the church is."

That used to be a concern.

But now, no matter how much rain comes down, things should flow fine.

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