Preparing your home and family for spring storms

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- This week's wet weather is a strong reminder of the spring storms we face across the MidSouth.  It rained much of the week, leaving flooded streets and sloppy driving conditions behind.

Alexandria Sandstrom grew up in Memphis and says she's used to the weather this time of year.

"I've seen the river literally up over here on the tops of the hills, flooding downtown," said Sandstrom who spoke to us while visiting Tom Lee Park.

By Thursday, there was still some ponding on certain streets, but thankfully, Memphians didn't have to deal with the type of damage that often accompanies spring storms.

"That's why you should buy generators," exclaimed Jeffery Chambers.

Chambers says he was without power for two days during a storm last year.

While predicting mother nature's wrath can be tough, consumers can at least prepare for the potential damage a storm might bring.

Chambers said, "You should be familiar with the foundation of your house, make sure you ain't got no leaks or any of that crazy stuff going on. "

Chambers is right. There are other steps families can take to prepare themselves and their homes for potential storm damage.

Preparing for a spring storm

  • Check your roof and make any needed repairs to minimize damage from a storm
  • Clean gutters and downspouts so water will be diverted away
  • Prune dead or rotting, tree branches near your home or car that could fall
  • Stock home with essentials such as extra batteries, battery operated lights and a first aid kit (Learn to build an emergency kit)
  • Know how to shut off the main power and water lines
  • Take pictures of your house (inside and out) that could be used for an insurance claim
  • Know how to reach insurance agent
  • Make a list of important phone numbers (family, friends, medical information, utility company outage number)
  • Back up data

Remember, flood insurance isn't covered by most homeowners policies, and not everyone is eligible so now's a good time to find out if you can get it and whether you need it.