Uber Eats driver says he shot teen who tried to rob him in IHOP parking lot

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Police say an Uber Eats driver shot at a group of guys who were trying to rob him in Whitehaven Thursday morning.

The Uber Eats driver told detectives he had just sat in the drivers seat of his car in an IHOP parking lot on East Shelby Drive when he saw the barrel of a gun.

A teenager reportedly told him to be quiet and hand over his car keys and money.

That's when the Uber Eats driver claimed he pulled out his gun, opened fire and shot the teenager.

Meanwhile, police say the teenager's accomplices started firing back as they ran away.

Officers found bullets wedged into the back of the car.

Only the teenager was injured and taken to the hospital.

Ralph Towns says it's a story that easily could have had a different ending.

"We shouldn't be like a lamb in society. We should be able to protect ourselves," Towns said.

Police say the teenager is in critical condition at the hospital, another suspect is in custody and a third has yet to be caught.

Isaac Hykes said he knows what it's like to be robbed and offers his thoughts and prayers to the Uber Eats driver and wife.

He says it's something you'll always replay in your mind.

"You feel violated and diespected. You're going through suffering and pain mentally," said Hykes.