DeSoto school employee charged with public intoxication at job

DESOTO COUNTY, Miss. — An Overpark Elementary School employee was arrested at the school and charged with public intoxication, DeSoto County authorities confirmed.

The incident happened Friday, county officials said.

Deputies say they showed up to the school to find an employee drunk.

The employee, who was not identified, worked in a support position at the school. No students were present or involved, the county said.

A person named Teresa Diana Boatwright was booked Friday in DeSoto County on a public intoxication charge. And a Diana Boatwright is listed as a bookkeeper on the school's website.

Parents in the area say they had no idea about the arrest.

"That's ridiculous. You're going to school, you're around kids and you're drinking. That's bad," a parent said.

District officials told us the employee no longer works at the school.

They went on to say, "This staff member had limited access with students on a daily basis, and she was not in the vicinity of any children on the day in question."

It's unclear how long the employee worked at the school and what lead up to the arrest.

"I think it's good the students didn't see it, just because they're young. It's an elementary school. They're young," a parent said.

Overpark Elementary is on Forest Hill-Irene Road near Stateline Road in Olive Branch.